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We are a group of engineers, scientist and mathematicians  who make math and science enjoyable and meaningful to children...
Co-founder & Math Instructor
From very early in my academic education, I have been interested in natural sciences, especially mathematics...(more)
Co-founder & Programming Instructor

I started "playing" with computers in 1980's right when the computer games became part of our homes...(more)

Math Instructor
Math has played an important role in my life for as far back as I remember. When I was...(more)
Math & Physics Instructor

Growing up in a small scientific community near Moscow, Russia, I had always left my math homework...(more)

Math Instructor

Hello Archimedes community! My name is Lucas and I look forward to helping your kiddos along their logic journey. I grew up in Kirkland...(more)

Math Instructor
Growing up in Kirkland with a father who was an Electrical Engineering professor at the University of Washington – math was always...(more)
Math & Physics Instructor

Just like many other kids, I didn’t really care much for math when I was going through school. I didn’t think it was important...(more)

Math & Biology Instructor

In school, I was generally good at mathematics but never felt a big drive towards it.  Once my assignment was complete, I...(more)

Math & Physics Instructor

In order to do well in math, you have to do math …. and you will be able to do this for long enough not only if you are…(more)


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