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Tuition and all other fees must be paid in full before the class class.

Tuition is pro-rated only for the first time (new) student, determined by the date of enrollment for the quarter/semester.

Bring-a-Friend - BF - Receive a discount on your next tuition for each friend you refer to our classes: $50


Administrative fee - per student per year: $48

A late fee - will be charged for payments made after the first class: $45

A service fee - will be charged for a check returned from the bank: $45

Rescheduling sessions:

We have at least 48 hours rescheduling policy for all private/semi-private sessions for any non-illness/non-emergency cases.

Plan A - no more than one rescheduling per quarter.

If there are more than 1 rescheduling you will be automatically moved to our Plan B payment plan.

We will accept same day absence notice in case of severe illness/fever if we receive your notice at least 2 hours before the scheduled sessions. Sessions cannot be carried forward to the next quarter for PLAN A.


Withdrawal from tutoring sessions for Plans A, A2 and B:

If your student no longer needs our services you are entitled to a refund of unused sessions once we are notified in writing. The refund will be calculated based on your plan. There is $50 refund fee.


Our rates are thoughtfully calculated without built-in margin for bargaining – that’s why we cannot offer discounts:

We took many factors into consideration while calculating our tuition rates and making them competitive and comparable among other learning centers in the area. We want to be clear about our rates upfront, not have any “hidden fees” and also avoid needless time on negotiations.

Our tuition rates are as low as we can make them and we are not able to give any discounts beyond the 3 plans we currently offer.

We appreciate and award you for referrals:

For each student you introduce to Archimedes who enrolls in classes, you will receive a $50 refund as a “Thank you for your support!”


Classes canceled due to inclement weather will be on Zoom or Teams or rescheduled as soon as possible and information will be posted on the website and emailed to parents.

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