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Reachel Traicoff

math & biology instructor

In school, I was generally good at mathematics but never felt a big drive towards it. Once my assignment was complete, I happily put my energy elsewhere. Then I had children, and they needed help with their mathematics assignments. My skills were competent enough to guide them and fill in any missing gaps, but through helping them, my curiosity grew. I was no longer content to know that an algorithm existed. I wanted to know how it worked, why it worked, and what its founding principles were. So now I'm on a journey to discover the varied methods to solve for x and in doing so, I love sharing my knowledge with others eager to learn. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with students encountering struggles in math. My kids have struggled, and I have found so much joy in reaching those moments with them when understanding creeps in, and relief, along with smiles, emerges across their faces.


As for my background, I studied Biology at the University of Washington and upon graduation, promptly began working in the Molecular Biotech Department on the Human Genome Project. I furthered my career in other biotech centers until my daughters arrived. As my children progressed through school, I discovered areas of struggle and gaps in their education. I put a lot of energy into helping them with homework and supplementing what I found missing. Ultimately, we went on a path to homeschooling starting in the middle school years. My knowledge base grew as I scoured through curriculum and studied alongside them in everything from poetry and math to the history of science. Now I have branched out to teach alongside a fantastic team here at Archimedes School and look forward to working with your child.

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