We teach mathematics, science, computer programming and engineering because they offer the best tools to teach the most important 21st century skills - to think logically and creatively.

Our mission is to help students to become proficient learners and efficient problem solvers. We believe that exploring STEM enables students to make connections, generalize and efficiently solve problems in any career field.


We teach by stimulating students' creative abilities and logical thinking along with encouraging team work. Across a range of classes, our main emphasis is on collaborative learning, all aimed to achieving deeper understanding and knowledge of subject. Our students build their reasoning skill by discussing and explaining to each other guided by highly trained instructors.

By exploring different ways of solving problems they achieve a deep understanding of concepts and build strong problem solving skills to last.


We are a group of engineers, scientists and mathematicians who love to share our passion for learning mathematics and science and its application in engineering and computer programming. We do our best to make math and science enjoyable and meaningful to children by creating environments that help students become better  learners. 


Our in person classes and tutoring sessions are taught at our center located in Redmond, WA.

We also teach at local elementary schools before or after school enrichment classes.

All our services are also offered online via Zoom or Teams.

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