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Ivan Pavicevic

co-founder & coding instructor

I started "playing" with computers in 1980's right when the computer games became part of our homes (computers I have used in those days can be seen in the lobby of Archimedes school in Redmond). I still remember the day I saw a Casio pocket computer with one line display and BASIC programming language. My question to the owner of that "computer" was: "Can it solve a linear equation?" and his answer "Yes, if you write a program to do that". Since then I have been writing programs to solve various problems.


I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Belgrade, Serbia (at that time still Yugoslavia) with a major in Computer & Software Engineering. Upon graduation I have started working for a company which built a software - a CAD application for Civil Engineering. It was a dream job to me. I have been using all the cutting edge technologies at the time such as Open GL library to render 3D models.


In 2000 luck struck me and I got a job at the most prestigious software company in the world at the time - Microsoft.

In 2007, a colleague of mine at Microsoft introduced me to Scratch. I fell in love with that tool right away and started teaching my 9 year old son Marko, how to program computer games. Solving problems was a very good father-son bonding activity however his artistic talent to create animated sprites at that time were an early sign of what he would be in future. Now, several years later, Marko is an game design artist and I made the decision to keep teaching young minds how to program.


In 2015 I took 1 year off from Microsoft to fully commit to the Archimedes school success. Offering high quality curriculums in computer programming cannot be a part-time position and requires dedication and commitment. Leaving Microsoft for Archimedes makes a strong statement of belief in the success of our school as a state of the art mind sharpener for our young generation.

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