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Advanced Math

Grade 6 and up.

Advanced math courses are prepared for students interested in deeper exploration of mathematics. The courses will provide a concrete understanding of all the concepts crucial for discovering the application of Algebra and Geometry. Special attention will be dedicated to number theory, polynomials, equations, patterns, and functions using a style of integrated mathematics. Rather than the traditional approach of having students mimic routines, the main focus will emphasize genuine learning of the concepts and the beauty of logic.


After completion of the courses, students will be confident in the several mathematics concepts and ready to start implementing new problem solving techniques. Students with enthusiasm about learning challenging math will benefit the most from this course. 

Algebra 1

  • linear equations and inequalities,

  • absolute value and quadratic equations,

  • system of equations,

  • properties of exponents and radicals,

  • relations vs. functions,

  • solving and graphing linear, inverse, exponential, absolute value and quadratic functions,

  • Pythagorean theorem,

  • application problems for each topic.

Algebra 2

  • polynomial functions

  • radical functions

  • rational functions

  • exponential functions

  • logarithmic functions

  • trigonometric functions

  • graphing functions using transformations

  • sequences and series

  • application problems for each topic. 


  • basic shapes and angles,

  • polygons,

  • congruencies,

  • similar figures,

  • constructions,

  • circle and its properties,

  • Pythagorean theorem,

  • introduction to trigonometry.