school of mathematics and programming


Nikola Dancejic

math and physics instructor

Just like many other kids, I didn’t really care much for math when I was going through school. I didn’t think it was important because I wanted to be a scientist (I had no clue what kind) or a doctor. It wasn’t until high school that I learned to appreciate mathematics. I had a great teacher for my three years in high school that showed me many aspects of math that I didn’t even realize existed. I learned to think about math not only as a bunch of numbers, but as a model for everything in our world. For the last few years at University of Washington, I’ve continued to take math classes even when it wasn’t necessary anymore. Through an appreciation of the application of math and a love of physics, I ended up majoring in Electrical Engineering. The extra math classes I took allowed me to pursue a math minor and helped me understand many topics that would otherwise seem abstract. As a tutor I hope to help my students see math in a different light and lead them to understand why the topics they are learning have a deeper meaning.