school of mathematics and programming


Johnathan Stevens

math, programming and 3D printing instructor

Mathematicians often praise the subject because there is always "one right answer". While studying mathematics at the University of Washington and I've found this "one right answer" thing is starting to get a little repetitive. Teaching 3D printing, tutoring math, and Python at the colorful, homey offices of Archimedes has brightened this drab. I love teaching these children, especially from my home community in Redmond, who are constantly surprising me and challenging me to come up with the often "many right answers" of teaching strategy. I view teaching the same way I view modeling, coding, and mathematics itself: iterate because it can always be better, any problem can be made simpler, and some models look great in theory but they just don't print! I have taught math and as a curious student I can truly appreciate the moment where the image comes into focus. Whether it be the simple intrinsic relationship between circles and right triangles or the long-awaited grasp of the implications of the conditions of a counterintuitive theorem.