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STEM Classes

Creativity is rapidly becoming one of the most valued skills in the workforce. The 21st century will be the “Conceptual Age” where creative and innovative skills will define success. Our goal is to equip students with skills that will help them be more innovative in any career they choose.

Students will build a strong foundation in different concepts of STEM in highly engaging activities prepared to teach students to make connections, generalize and efficiently solve problems.

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Crypto Math

Grade 6 and Up                     12 classes (1h 10 min)                  $415

In this new course our students will have an opportunity to experience true application of mathematics. Encryption of information is used not only by soldiers and governments to keep communication secret but also by business to secure sensitive data. With the growing number of Internet transactions, cryptography is vital to keeping information safe, in an era when the formula to do so becomes more and more challenging.

In this class students will learn how to think as cryptographer by learning different encryption techniques and testing their efficiency. The course is designed to train students in critical algorithmic thinking and sense of practicality.

The focus will be on the following mathematical skills: factoring, exponentiation, modular arithmetic and probability.

It is created to show an amusing playground for young mathematicians with a lot of relevance to the ancient and modern real world.

STEM Spark

Grade 3 - 5                 12 classes (1h 10 min)                         $415

S - science, T - technology, E - engineering, and M - math all in one designed to SPARK creativity, critical thinking and problem solving by highly engaging hands-on activities.

Every class will introduce a new STEAM concept to spark students interest for math, science and engineering. Building electric circuits, tracing lines of the magnetic field, constructing fractals, and creating models of molecules only start the list of the fun activities!

Students will get an opportunity to develop their investigative, creative, and critical thinking skills by exploring STEM topics and brainteasers in an inspiring and competitive team setting.

After experiencing this class STEM will become something to enjoy discovering and playing with.   



Grade 6 and Up                   12 classes (1h 10 min)                 $415

In this new science class we will use a hands on approach to systematically learn about forces, interaction, properties of matter and biological processes.

What are the three laws of motions? Why objects feel lighter under water? Do plants need oxygen?

How electricity and magnetism are connected?...

We will also introduce the mathematical framework of scientific ideas. In no way will this lead to “plugging in numbers to get the answer”. Science uses equations to find relationships between concepts.

Formalizing the scientific theories using concise language of math makes them less ambiguous and allows physicists, chemists and biologists to discover new connections and associations.

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Grade 7 and up                           12 classes (1h 25min)                $495

This is a coding class for students interested in developing an algorithmic way of thinking.

During this course students will learn computer science and creative thinking through the process of designing and building their own apps and games. At the end of the program regardless of grade students will be able to write programs in Python and publish them on the Internet.

Python became the language of choice for first time programmers due to the relatively simple syntax compared to other high level programming languages.

This class brings parametrized methods, dynamically typed local variables, libraries, and most importantly – objects. Yes, the list sounds very technical, but it is transparent to students – they learn all that by making fun apps and games. 

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Tools / Computers

Archimedes School will provide 15" wide screen laptop computers for each student during class sessions.

The Archimedes School computers have necessary software for the classes including parental and classroom control.

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