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Lucas Chaffee

co-founder & math instructor

Hello Archimedes community! My name is Lucas and I look forward to helping your kiddos along their logic journey. I grew up in Kirkland where my father and sister’s love of problem solving rubbed off on me at a young age. It inspired me to pursue a BS and MS in mathematics at Western Washington University, and from there continued to earn a PhD in the stuff from the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks).

After graduating, we returned to Washington for a postdoctoral position at WWU. It was fun to work alongside former professors and experience Bellingham from a different perspective. Recently my wife received a job offer that she was excited to take, and it’s given me the opportunity to move back to the Eastside and experience a stay at home dad position with our 2-year-old, Thea. I love being a stay at home dad and spending time with my daughter, but I’d like to continue helping people find the beauty in math. I am excited to be at Archimedes where I can help kids discover how fun math can be while maximizing time with my wife & daughter. Stop in and say “hello”, it will be nice to meet you!

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