school of mathematics and programming


“We would like to let you know that Alex is a great teacher. When he explains math suddenly everything seems to fall in place and to make sense. My son once told me one class with Alex is worth a whole week of math at school.”

“I am SO thrilled that my daughter has you as her math teacher – she really loves math now and is always excited to do her math homework (for school and for your class).  Thanks for inspiring the kids around math and making such a positive impact on them.”

“Thank you so much for making my problem solving skills much smarter!”

“I wanted to let you know that my son is really enjoying his tutoring sessions - after your session on Saturday, he said he had learned more in two hours with you then in 3 months with his teacher. Thanks so much!”

“Thank you for the efforts you put in to get the students interested as well as performing so well!! My son loves your class.”

“Thank you for everything!  Both kids with an A in math!”

“I think it's important for you to know how much my daughter enjoyed learning with and from you and the other students.  She loved your enthusiasm and your encouragement. Thank you for being extra special!!!”

“Archimedes was always my favorite class as I learned things AND had fun.”

“Thank you for teaching me so many things I didn’t learn in school. I had a lot of fun this year.”

"My son is in your class with two of his friends. You were kind enough to record a few lessons for him. I’m home today and he’s doing them... The reason I wanted to send you a note is because it is incredibly entertaining to hear you teach these kids. The progression of the work is really clever and I love how you mix basic computer education (explaining floppy disks, hex, and everything else) into the lessons. While I was listening, I told my wife, “This guy’s really a programmer. Those boys are lucky!”

“I learned stuff I would never forget – like the Gauss method – I use that all the time!”

“You really made me think faster and do more challenging problems.”

“What a huge improvement. My daughter really likes working with you and she is gaining her confidence back! Thanks for being a great tutor and supporting her!”

Thank you for the efforts you put in to get the students interested as well as performing so well!! Our son loves your class.”

“We just got our son's results for Math Kangaroo - He is 4th nationally and 4th in State, with 91 points. Thank you for your hard work to prepare him for the competitions. And these are all your trophies too!”